One of the unexpected joys of parenting has been the way it sort of reignited a spark in me. Drawing with my kids is fun. Anyway, here’s Pippi Batstockings.

            I like _Mission Impossible: Fallout_, but the pace throws me off a bit. I didn't realize they'd moved from London to Paris until Tower Bridge popped up.        

I razed my Twitter account, then re-followed some accounts. That worked for a while, but now my timeline is filled with tweets others have liked, things I never signed up to see. It’s becoming obvious that Twitter is broken by design. Sigh.

            This is sad to read. [Notre Dame fire: Paris cathedral devastated by ferocious blaze - World news - The Guardian](     

If the Tories’ current refusal to engage with the economy were limited to the Prime Minister, it might be a manageable problem. After all, all the signs are that we will have a new Tory leader in the not too distant future. There’s a problem, however: when we look at the state of economic thinking in the wider Conservative Party, it is not clear that it is in great shape either.
Source: The strange death of Tory economic thinking – Stian Westlake – Medium

I remember when Apple announcements got as much press as Game of Thrones episodes. Also: I bet a Jony Ive-designed Iron Throne would look more inviting, but be equally unergonomic.